GateVPN Review

Highlights of the GateVPN service:

  • OpenVPN with software client
  • US, UK, DE and IE
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Access to BBC iPlayer
  • Hulu, Zatoo, Skype access
  • VPN access for $99 a year

PrivacyWeb site:  Site does not exist 02-10-2015

VPN server locations:
– United States
– United Kingdom
– Germany
– Ireland

Supported platforms:
– Open VPN

Service details:
– GateVPN has servers located in four different countries. Choose your desired country of origination when you sign up. Connect anytime from anywhere for $13.99 a month. GateVPN supports OpenVPN technology and includes an install package and online guide for easy setup. Gate VPN supports Windows and Mac operating systems.

Free VPN trial:
– GateVPN is not currently offering a free trial.

– Online contact form

Pricing plans:
– GateVPN – $13.99 a month
– GateVPN – $35.00 a quarter
– GateVPN – $60.00 every 6 months
– GateVPN – $99.00 a year

Payment options:
– PayPal
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