HideMyAss Speed Test

Hide My Ass manages a huge network of VPN servers around the world. With multiple servers in several locations. Below you can see the ping time, download speed and upload speed for each HMA server location. Enjoy unlimited VPN access for just $11.52 a month or $78.66 a year.

Hide My Ass United States Speed Tests
VPN Server LocationDownload
Arizona - Phoenix30.422.6196
California - Los Angeles30.534.0888
California - Orange County2.243.2585
California - San Diego4.210.9088
California - San Francisco30.532.9288
California - San Jose3.570.7288
Colorado - Denver5.913.3575
Florida - Jacksonville8.892.8473
Florida - Miami21.783.5165
Florida - Orlando4.173.5255
Georgia - Atlanta39.613.9829
Illinois - Chicago25.914.0144
Indiana - South Bend8.963.6961
Missouri - Kansas City1.883.6675
Nevada - Las Vegas3.412.36125
New Jersey - Clifton10.253.4875
New Jersey - Newark0.821.2285
New York - Albany9.953.6775
New York - Manhattan19.943.7457
North Carolina - Asheville13.873.6742
Ohio - Columbus8.533.5190
Oklahoma - Oklahoma City0.050.31115
Oregon - Portland3.903.09195
Pennsylvania - Scranton9.693.7745
Texas - Dallas27.783.8175
Texas - Houston7.953.5055
Utah - Salt Lake City1.593.3095
Virginia - Ashburn21.093.3035
Washington DC10.843.9635
Washington - Seattle14.663.4788
All tests completed using OpenVPN for maximum security.
Hide My Ass United Kingdom Speed Tests
VPN Server LocationDownload
Berkshire - Maidenhead3.792.43282
Hampshire - Gosport3.583.29125
Kent - Maidstone3.702.90135
All tests completed using OpenVPN for maximum security.
Hide My Ass Worldwide Speed Tests
VPN Server LocationDownload
Argentina - Buenos Aires2.102.27175
Australia - Brisbane0.230.12435
Australia - Melbourne0.490.16710
Austria - Klagenfurt2.872.16215
Belgium - Brussels1.130.71119
Brasil - Joao Pessoa0.230.31354
Bulgaria - Sofia1.590.44151
Canada - Montreal5.433.4175
Canada - Toronto27.914.0184
Chile - Santiago1.442.75140
Costa Rica - San Jose2.170.75119
Croatia - Zagreb2.881.94154
Cyprus - Limassol0.230.24296
Czech Republic - Prague0.370.77305
Denmark - Copenhagen3.062.54120
Egypt - Cairo0.100.14385
Estonia - Tallinn2.762.40145
Finland - Helsinki3.081.11289
France - Paris13.941.71115
France - Roubaix2.610.91140
Germany - Dusseldorf2.671.06295
Germany - Nuremberg13.320.40140
Greece - Athens0.651.90244
Hong Kong - Shatin0.400.05760
Hungary - Budapest1.981.06145
Iceland - Reykjavik2.772.61165
India - Noida1.350.10172
Indonesia - Jakarta0.470.21276
Ireland - Dublin2.841.34381
Israel - Rishon LeZion1.510.43225
Italy - Milan3.633.19155
Italy - Porcia2.341.55166
Japan - Tokyo0.170.29535
Jordan - Amman0.700.34540
Latvia - Riga3.360.92155
Lithuania - Siauliai2.320.64220
Luxembourg - Luxembourg2.912.38140
Malaysia - Johor Bahru0.070.60310
Mexico - Mexico City1.780.63135
Moldova - Chisinau2.610.35175
Morocco - Fes0.240.15310
Netherlands - Amsterdam25.693.86116
Netherlands - Dronten3.622.82125
Netherlands - Rottendam3.242.75235
Netherlands - Schiedam3.501.71166
New Zealand - Auckland0.760.23280
Norway - Oslo0.560.72180
Panama - Panama City0.560.81265
Philippines - Manila0.040.03665
Poland - Gdansk2.472.31175
Portugal - Lisbon3.032.87151
Romania - Bucharest0.500.55354
Romania - Cluj-Napoca0.320.36198
Russia - Moscow0.560.10565
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh1.820.55198
Serbia - Belgrade0.620.36165
Singapore - Singapore2.091.10260
Slovakia - Bratislava2.842.74155
Slovenia - Vrhnika0.830.43395
South Africa - Johannesburg0.620.37300
Spain - Madrid2.542.22162
Spain - San Sebastian2.911.58135
Sweden - Stockholm13.482.07145
Switzerland - Zurich12.752.43245
Taiwan - Taipei1.891.20231
Turkey - Istanbul1.741.81278
Ukraine - Kyiv0.480.34205
Uruguay - Montevideo1.051.06510
Each VPN server was tested from the United States.

As you might imagine it takes several hours to test all the server locations. We understand it’s important to test speed and reliability on a regular basis. Return to this page anytime for the latest results.

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