IPVanish Speed Test

IPVanish is consistently the fastest VPN service in the United States, Canada and throughout Europoe. Even so we want to share a full list of server locations and speed test results. Below you can see the ping time, download speed and upload speed for each IPVanish server location. Enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $4.87 a month.

All of the following speed tests were performed using a cable Internet connection in the southeastern United States.

IPVanish North America Speed Tests

VPN Server LocationDownload
Canada - Montreal4.760.18415
Canada - Toronto61.833.1561
Canada - Vancouver15.122.22121
Costa Rica - San Jose35.471.61167
Mexico - Guadalajara35.531.92115
US - Ashburn, Virginia63.834.1533
US - Atlanta, Georgia63.744.7325
US - Boston, Mass.20.812.7270
US - Chicago, Illinois63.374.0055
US - Cleveland, Ohio42.322.8670
US - Dallas, Texas63.433.1448
US - Denver, Colorado33.963.0468
US - Las Vegas, Nevada62.392.0899
US - Los Angeles, California62.512.5582
US - Miami, Florida63.003.8244
US - Milwaukee, Wisconsin48.483.9744
US - Nashville, Tennessee59.703.3073
US - NYC, New York61.593.2159
US - Phoenix, Arizona61.632.03102
US - San Jose, California61.792.5793
US - Seattle, Washington55.972.60111
US - St Louis, Missouri62.623.2967
All tests completed using OpenVPN for maximum security.

IPVanish Europe Speed Tests

VPN Server LocationDownload
Albania - Tirana0.340.31169
Austria - Graz9.690.97133
Austria - Vienna36.282.44124
Belgium - Brussels38.421.65126
Bulgaria - Sofia2.580.59148
Croatia - Zagreb37.081.57181
Cyprus - Larnarca8.630.38251
Czech Republic - Prague22.861.78137
Denmark - Copenhagen24.531.08146
Estonia - Narva9.580.71148
Estonia - Tallinn19.832.12141
Finland - Helsinki24.561.66176
France - Paris13.541.87132
Germany - Frankfurt41.801.60132
Greece - AthensTest failed Nov. 2017
Hungary - Budapest20.551.37158
Iceland - Reykjavik23.862.22140
Ireland - Dublin2.770.74143
Italy - Milan42.972.11133
Latvia - Riga31.191.10155
Lithuania - Vilnius28.551.04159
Luxembourg - Luxembourg3.320.74199
Moldova - Chisinau30.521.21169
Netherlands - Amsterdam63.092.03116
Norway - Kjevik11.781.28129
Poland - Warsaw5.610.43155
Portugal - Lisbon25.671.41143
Romania - Bucharest13.472.17162
Serbia - Belgrade32.821.56162
Slovakia - Bratislava4.370.68180
Slovenia - Ljubljana38.521.86135
Spain - Madrid39.662.22131
Spain - Valencia35.922.00147
Sweden - Stockholm41.811.56146
Switzerland - Zurich39.871.78139
Ukraine - Kiev21.971.05208
U.K. - Glasgow3.060.56143
U.K. - Liverpool24.371.17125
U.K. - London62.632.16113
U.K. - Manchester29.521.35115
U.K. - Nottingham14.081.30119
Note: each VPN server was tested from the United States.

IPVanish South America Speed Tests

VPN Server LocationDownload
Brazil - Rio De Janeiro23.381.29205
Brazil - Sao Paulo11.101.24200

IPVanish Oceania Speed Tests

VPN Server LocationDownload
Australia - Melbourne17.421.28228
Australia - Sydney38.311.00251
New Zealand - Auckland8.060.22633

IPVanish Africa Speed Tests

VPN Server LocationDownload
South Africa - Johannesburg 31.960.84283

As you might imagine it takes several hours to test all the server locations. We understand it’s important to test speed and reliability on a regular basis. Return to this page anytime for the latest results.

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