ItsHidden VPN Review

Highlights of the ItsHidden VPN service:

  • PPTP VPN access
  • 128 bit connections
  • No software to setup
  • Windows and Mac OS
  • Free and paid accounts
  • Premium access $9.99/mo.

ItsHidden VPN Review Web site:

VPN server locations:
– unknown

Supported platforms:

Service details:
– offers a simple VPN service offering both free and premium PPTP VPN accounts. The price ranges from $7 to $13 a month depending on term. There is no software required. ItsHidden provides setup guides for Windwos and Mac.

Free VPN trial:
– ItsHidden offers a free limited account

– Online helpdesk page
– Email support:

Pricing plans:
Monthly recurring – $9.99
Monthly one-time – $12.99
Three months – $24.99
Six months – $44.99

Payment options:
– PayPal
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