Kryptnet VPN Review

Highlights of the Kryptnet VPN service:

  • Supports OpenVPN access
  • US and Netherlands Servers
  • Windows, Mac, Linux support
  • No iPhone / iPad / Android
  • Unlimited VPN, no limits
  • $14.95/mo. or $99.95/yr.

Privacy Web site:  Site no longer exist 02-11-2015

VPN server locations:
– United States
– Netherlands

Supported platforms:
– OpenVPN

Service details:
– Kryptnet provides VPN access with servers in the United States and Netherlands with United Kingdom and others to come in the future. Connect anytime from anywhere for $14.95 a month. The service supports OpenVPN technology which is more secure than PPTP but doesn’t support mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phones, etc. Kryptnet VPN supports Windows, Mac and linux operating systems.

Free VPN trial:
– Kryptnet does not currently offer a free trial

– Email support:

Pricing plans:
Unlimiited monthly – $14.95
Unlimited annual – $99.95

Payment options:
– Credit / debit cards
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