Kryptotel KryptoVPN Review

Kryptotel offers a number of online privacy services. Our review will focus on KryptoVPN but they also have secure mobile, phone and email. With VPN servers located in ten countries. KryptoVPN members enjoy a high level of privacy. Kryptotel uses the OpenVPN protocol along with RSA rather than username & password to provide better security. Windows users also enjoy access to their free KryptoVPN client.

Kryptotel KryptoVPN

Kryptotel VPN Network

  • Kryptotel VPN members can connect to servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Singapore and Sweden.
  • Kryptotel VPN supports the OpenVPN protocol and RSA for maximum security. For those unfamiliar OpenVPN is more secure than PPTP and great for connecting from PC, Mac or Linux.
  • In addition to their highly secure OpenVPN connections, Kryptotel also offers PPTP accounts for use on iPhone and iPad devices. Since iOS doesn’t support the OpenVPN protocol.
  • All KryptoVPN subscribers receive unlimited access to all 14 countries. Switch between servers whenever you like. They also have a free VPN client for Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Kryptotel Performance Testing

Kryptotel VPN Speed Test

  • Baseline speed test – before connecting to KryptoVPN we tested our Internet speed and found it to be 40.44 Mbps download and 3.04 Mbps upstream. Connecting from the US – east coast.
  • United States speed test – after connecting to the US VPN server we tested our Internet speed again and found it to be 8.44 Mbps download and 2.90 Mbps upstream.
  • United Kingdom speed test – after connecting to the UK VPN server we tested our Internet speed again and found it to be 4.01 Mbps download and 3.45 Mbps upstream.
  • Conclusion – Kryptotel performance was acceptable given the level of encryption. Most of our testing is done via PPTP which is faster but less secure. Note: you can expect any VPN to slow your connection some as the traffic is being encrypted.

KryptoVPN Compatibility

  • As mentioned above KryptoVPN supports OpenVPN. By doing so they offer support for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • System compatibility – KryptoVPN supports Windows (7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu).
  • Mobile compatibility – KryptoVPN does not currently have support for iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
  • Browser compatibility – Kryptotel VPN supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

KryptoVPN Account Pricing

  • KryptoVPN accounts all include unlimited VPN access with support for OpenVPN connections in ten countries.
  • Unlimited VPN – $5.95 a month
  • Unlimited VPN – $29.70 for 6 months (17% discount).
  • Unlimited VPN – $47.40 for 12 months (33% discount).
  • Kryptotel offers a 7 day money back guarantee.

Kryptotel VPN Review : Conclusion

We enjoyed testing the Kryptotel VPN services. KryotoVPN offers very secure connections and OpenVPN access in ten countries for a good price. Windows users can take advantage of their free VPN client. While Mac and Linux users can also setup connections. We recommend you give Kryptotel a try and let us know what you think.

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