LiquidVPN 51% Off Discount

LiquidVPN is currently offering new members up to 51% off unlimited VPN access. You’ll save between 32% and 51% by signing up for a year of VPN service. Enjoy a year of unlimited LiquidVPN access from just $57.

Note: the term discount is active on all LiquidVPN accounts. That includes term savings on SideKick, Road Warrior and Ultimate VPN plans

The special does not require a coupon code. To take advantage of the offer simply visit our special LiquidVPN sale page. Once you’ve had a chance to review the features sign up for the desired term discount.

LiquidVPN term discountsHere is a summary of the LiquidVPN term specials:

  • LiquidVPN offers three different accounts. The difference being the number of connections. The Sidekick comes with 2 connections, Road warrior with 4 and the Ultimate plan with up to 8 devices.
  • Sidekick (2 devices) – $7 a month or $57 a year (32% off)
  • Road Warrior (4 devices) – $10 a month or $69 a year (43% off)
  • Ultimate (8 devices) – $18 a month or $106 a year (51% off)

The LiquidVPN Road Warrior annual sale works out to just $4.75/mo.

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