Lockfox Review

Lockfox differs from many of the VPN services we review. It isn’t the typical PPTP or OpenVPN solution. Rather Lockfox offers their own secure version of Firefox along with a Firefox add-on for secure Internet access. The simplicity is the key. You don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining any VPN settings. Simply download the browser or add-on from Lockfox and enjoy private browsing. All for under $5 a month.


Lockfox comes in two flavors – Lockfox Secure Browser and Lockfox Add-On for Firefox. The goal of each is simple. Provide a private, secure connection between your computer and the Internet. Lockfox does so via SSH tunnel. For those non technical it just means the web browser is making a secure connections to the Lockfox network and encrypts your communications.

Lockfox Secure Browser is an all-in-one secure version of Firefox. A great solution for those that travel. The inital download is around 145 megs. Reason being the browser is operated in a protected environment. In order to ensure your protection Lockfox includes all the normal Internet technologies with the browser. Including Flash, Shockwave, PDF rendering and more.

Lockfox Add-On for Firefox – as the name denotes Lockfox provides an add-on to make Firefox secure. It works with Firefox 3 and higher. An advantage of using the add-on is that it supports all Firefox environments – Windows, MAC OS X and Linux. Where the Lockfox Secure Browser is Windows-only. When browsing with the add-on you can simply turn the Lockfox feature on and off with a mouse click.

As with any secure solution you will typically take a performance hit using either Lockfox Secure Browser or Firefox Add-On. Not to worry though as the Lockfox network is solid. For those who want secure, private browsing at times and non-secure faster access others we recommend toggling the Firefox add-on as needed.

Lockfox offers a free trial of both solutions. Try either one free to test the service. Simply download Lockfox and test the service free of charge. If you like the service and wish to continue the price is very affordable. You can either sign up for monthly access for $4.95 or save $10 by signing up for annual access for only $49.95. A great value for private, secure browsing. Not to mention the portability of Lockfox Secure Browser.

Bottom line – if you’re a Firefox user and want secure Internet access at a great price then definitely give Lockfox a try. If you need to secure other applications or use another web browser then look at some of the other VPN solutions on our site. Members have full access to Lockfox Secure Browser and the Firefox add-on.

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