MadVPN Review

Highlights of the MadVPN service:

  • Supports PPTP VPN access
  • US, UK, CA, DE, FR servers
  • IT, ES, NL, BE, CZ servers
  • PL, NO, JP VPN servers
  • Bandwidth limits per plan
  • Retail and wholesale accounts

MadVPN Review Web site:

VPN server locations:
– United States
– Canada
– United Kingdom
– Germany
– France
– Italy
– Spain
– Netherlands
– Belgium
– Czech
– Poland
– Norway
– Japan

Supported platforms:

Service details:
– Mad VPN has servers located in thirteen different countries. The offer both retail and wholesale accounts. Retail accounts include 5 GB of bandwidth per month and a dedicated IP address. MadVPN has a number of wholesale accounts and add-on options.

Free VPN trial:
– MadVPN does not offer a free trial

– Email support:

Pricing plans:
– Price and services vary. See site for details.

Payment options:
– PayPal
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