PublicVPN Review

Highlights of the PublicVPN service:

  • Supports PPTP VPN access
  • Route all traffic through VPN
  • Windows, Mac, Linux support
  • iPhone, iPad, Android phones
  • Port forwarding, VOIP access
  • PublicVPN for $6.95/mo.

PublicVPN Review Web site:

VPN server locations:
– Unknown

Supported platforms:

Service details:
– PublicVPN offers PPTP VPN access. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the VPN server locations listed on their website. The service costs $6.95 a month. Public VPN supports Windows, Mac and linux operating systems. It also supports iPhones and Android phones as do all PPTP VPN providers.

Free VPN trial:
– PublicVPN does not offer a free trial

– Email:

Pricing plans:
Monthly – $6.95
Annual – $69.95

Payment options:
– PayPal, credit card
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