VPN Review and 7 Day Free Trial is a private VPN club meaning you’ll need an invitation to join the service. If you know any VIP members they can invite you to join. Otherwise keep an eye on their invitation page. Once you have a code to join, the service is easy to set up and use. offers a 7 day free trial which is plenty of time to test out the dialer and each server location.

Seed4.Me VPN Review

VPN Dialer for PPTP Connections

Seed4Me dialer

  • Seed4/me offers a free VPN dialer. You can use it to connect via PPTP protocol to their server locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Hong Kong.
  • We prefer to use more secure protocols like OpenVPN or even L2TP. Unfortunately only supports PPTP. The advantage is compatibility. PPTP runs well on Windows, Mac and Linux. As well as iOS, Android and VPN routers.

VPN Server Locations

  • members can connect to server locations in the United States (Tampa), United Kingdom (London), Netherlands (Dronten) and Hong Kong.

Performance Testing

Seed4Me speed test

  • US speed test – we tested a VPN server in Tampa, Florida using PPTP and the speed was 3.54 Mbps.
  • UK speed test – we then tested a VPN server in London using the PPTP dialer and the speed was 3.49 Mbps.
  • Conclusion – performance was a little slow in the United States and United Kingdom. Note: you can expect any VPN to slow your connection as the traffic is being encrypted.

System Compatibility

  • As mentioned above supports the PPTP connections. While not the most secure, PPTP is great for compatibility.
  • System compatibility – Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu).
  • Mobile compatibility – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.
  • Browser compatibility – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

VPN Account Pricing

Seed4Me pricing

  • members can top off their account at anytime. That’s different from subscription services. They do not offer recurring plans. Instead you can purchase more usage anytime.
  • Unlimited VPN – $5 a month
  • Unlimited VPN – $10 a quarter
  • Unlimited VPN – $2 a week
  • Unlimited VPN – $1 a day
  • New members receive 7 days of usage for free. VPN Review : Conclusion

We enjoyed testing They are a private service so you’ll need an invitation to join. We’d like to see them add support for OpenVPN. Seed4me stands out for their pricing plans. Rather than a forced subscription you can purchase access whenever you need it. We recommend you keep an eye on their site for an invitation to join.

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