Shellfire Coupon Code : Unlimited VPN from 3,33 €

Shellfire VPN is currently offering new subscribers a special discount. The dicount offer is available for annual accounts. Giving you an additional 10% off. Bringing the price to 94,34 € a year for unlimited VPN access. The normal monthly price is 7,95 Euros. They also have a more limited plan that sells for 3,95 € a month or 39,90 € a year.

Shellfire VPN Review

The Shellfire special doesn’t requires a coupon code. To take advantage of the offer visit Shellfire and save an additional 10% off their annual VPN subscription. The discount is shown on the sign up screen before payment options are chosen.

Here is a summary of the Shellfire VPN special\:

  • 12 month Premium Plus VPN special – 84,90 € a year (10% off)
  • 12 month Premium VPN special – 39,90 € a year (10% off)

That Shellfire Premium Plus special works out to 7,08 € a month. For the Premium accounts it works out to just 3,33 € a month.

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