Tunnelr VPN Review

Highlights of the Tunnelr VPN service:

  • VPN servers in 5 countries
  • OpenSSH, OpenVPN, PPTP
  • Freely move between nodes
  • Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux
  • iPhone, iPad, Android (PPTP)
  • Priced from $5 to $7 a month

Tunnelr VPN Review Web site::

  • Homepage: http://tunnelr.com/

VPN server locations:

  • United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Japan

Supported VPN protocols:

  • OpenSSH, OpenVPN, PPTP

Supported operating systems / mobile devices:

  • Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux

VPN account types:

  • Unlimited usage

P2P / Torrent Restrictions:

  • No restrictions found on site.

VPN service details:

  • Tunnelr launched in February 2011. The service is the creation of a talented group of Unix enthusiasts. The same team that created devio.us. A popular OpenBSD shell provider.
  • Tunnelr is unique in that they custom wrote all the software. With both OpenSSH and OpenVPN sonnections. Tunnelr has VPN servers located in the United States (McLean VA, Seattle and Los Angeles), United Kingdom (Maidenhead), Germany (Falkenstein), the Netherlands (Groningen) and Japan (Tokyo).

Free VPN trial:

  • Tunnelr offers all new members a 50 MB free trial

Tech support:

  • IRC chat: irc.freenode.net, channel #tunnelr
  • Email support: support@tunnelr.com

Pricing plans:

  • Unlimited OpenSSH: $5 a month
  • Unlimited OpenVPN: $7 a month
  • Unlimited PPTP : $7 a month

Payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

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