UnoTelly Review

UnoTelly is a leading Smart DNS provider.  Their service will help you unblock over 300 channels across 30+ countries.  In addition to Smart DNS (UnoDNS) they also offer a VPN service aptly named UnoVPN with access to VPN servers in the US, UK, Canada, and Netherlands.  After testing their service we were very pleased with UnoDNS.  Their Dynamo features adds ease of use and helps unblock channels other services struggle to support.

UnoTelly reviewUnoTelly is very well known in the Smart DNS industry.  They have one of the best services around for helping users watch geo-blocked content in other countries.  The idea is simple.  You can use the service to watch channels that would otherwise be blocked from your location.

UnoTelly Free Trial

The UnoTelly team knows you need time to test their UnoDNS service before committing to a premium plan.  To help they offer an eight day free trial of the service.  Give UnoDNS a good test drive and make sure to check out the extra features.  Dynamo will helps you unblock channels in other countries and select which Netflix region you want to watch at the time.

UnoTelly free trialIf you want to try the UnoVPN service I suggest you sign up for the free UnoDNS trial and pay for a month of UnoVPN.  Like most VPN providers they do not offer a free trial of the VPN service.  However, you are welcome to use the UnoDNS service as much as you want during the 8 day free trial.  They also offer a 7 day money back guarantee on all services.

Singing up for the free trial account is simple.  Click on the “Try It Free” button on their home page.  From there you will enter your first name and an email address.  That’s all there is to it.  No billing information, full address, or anything like that.  Once you sign up for the trial the UnoTelly team will send you an activation email.  Make sure to click the link to activate your 8 day trial.  Otherwise the free trial period is reduced to 3 days.

UnoDNS and UnoVPN Pricing

Let’s start with UnoDNS since that’s the service we find most impressive.  As the name suggests UnoDNS is a SmartDNS service.  It will help you access over 300 channels in 30+ different countries.  You will start by signing up for an 8 day free trial.  From there you can sign up for a premium account for $4.95 a month or $47.95 a year.  Their pricing is competitive with other leading Smart DNS providers.

UnoDNS pricingNext in the UnuTelly line up of services is UnoVPN.  Their VPN will help protect your privacy with support for OpenVPN and PPTP protocols.  Members can connect to their VPN servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Netherlands.  UnoVPN members also have access to UnoDNS.  Giving you both SmartDNS and VPN in one account.  UnoVPN is priced at $7.95 a month or $59.95 a year.

UnoVPN pricingPayment options include PayPal Visa, and MasterCard.  Regardless of whether you select the UnoDNS or combo plan, the service does not come with any commitment.  You can cancel online anytime.

Key Features of UnoDNS and UnoVPN

Let’s start with their popular SmartDNS (UnoDNS) service:

  • Unblock over 300 channels
  • Unblock channels in 30+ countries
  • UnoDNS works on over 500 devices
  • Supports computer, mobile, game console, media players, and more.

Now let’s take a look at some of the highlights for UnoVPN:

  • All the UnoDNS features above
  • Encrypt your data and protect your privacy
  • OpenVPN and PPTP connections
  • VPN servers in the US, UK, Canada, and Netherlands

Hands-On Test of UnuTelly’s UnoDNS Service

I want to spend some time on the UnoDNS service.  It is one of the best Smart DNS services we’ve had the pleasure of testing and we’ve used most of them.  When it comes right down to it Smart DNS services are relatively easy to set up if you know how to set your DNS entries.  For example, we tested on a Windows 8 desktop which meant a quick DNS update.  You can obtain the DNS addresses from their Global Servers page.

The first time you log into UnoTelly after registering for a free account you will want to begin with their Quickstart screen as shown below:

UnoTelly QuickStart

Click on “Global Servers” to find the best primary and secondary DNS server address for your location.  Note that the DNS servers are typically the closest to where you are physically located.  This does not impact which channels you can unblock in other countries.  I suggest using the DNS settings provided on the Global Servers page.

If you have questions on how to change the DNS settings on your device the UnoTelly team has put together an excellent set of guides.  They have set up pages for Windows, Mac OSX, and Ubuntu.  Along with hundreds of other devices including mobile (iOS, Android, Amazon, Sonos), gaming consoles (Nintendo, Sony, XBOX), home media (Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, Chromecast, Amazon Fire stick, smart tv’s, etc.), and a wide range of routers.  UnoTelly supports over 500 devices.

Once you have the DNS settings in place I suggest you visit their Dynamo page.  The Dynamo feature is awesome.  For starters it will let you choose which Netflix region you want to view content in.  They support 20 Netflix regions as shown below:

UnoTelly Dynamo

I won’t go through every option in Dynamo but they have several regions to choose from depending on the channel you wish to watch.  This makes UnoDNS more user friendly and reliable than most other Smart DNS services.  For example, we watched Dragons Den on CBC to test the service.  That channel is a tough one to unblock.  We’ve seen several services fail or not even carry it.  By using Dynamo we were able to easily view CBC content from outside Canada.

UnoTelly Review : Conclusion

We test a lot of VPN and Smart DNS services.  UnoDNS is hands down one of the best SmartDNS services in the market.  It is easy to use and the Dynamo feature helps you unblock channels that other services have trouble accessing.  I would gladly recommend UnoDNS to my own friends and family.  I strongly suggest you give it a try.  Sign up for their 8 day free trial to test the service.  From there you can enjoy unlimited access to UnoDNS from just $3.94 a month.

We didn’t really dive into the UnoVPN service.  Perhaps we will in time but I really think UnoTelly is better positioned for those who need SmartDNS access.  I’ll rave one more time about how easy UnoDNS is to use.  There is a real sense of joy and relief when you realize it opens channels that are difficult to access or fail through other services.

Slide on over to UnoTelly and sign up for their 8 day free trial of UnoDNS.  Remember all you need to provide is your first name and email address.  From there you can confirm the account and be up and running in minutes.  Test your favorite channels around the world.  Switch between Netflix regions and see how their content library varies in different locations.  It’s really cool when you see how powerful the service is for the first time.

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