Netflix VPN Tracker: VPNs That Still Work

Reed Hastings announced that Netflix was immediately expanding into 190 countries at CES in Las Vegas last year. What he didn’t mention at the time was that Netflix was going to stat cracking down on VPN providers. In the past year Netflix has been playing whack a mole with VPN services around the world. They have blocked many of them but there are still a few VPNs that work with Netflix. If you are getting the dreaded Netflix proxy error when you try to access the popular streaming service through a VPN stay then you’re in luck. We’re going to share a list of VPNs that still work with Netflix.

As you might imagine thee are a lot of VPN services working hard to beat Netflix at their own game. They are trying to keep from being blocked and things can change fast. For this reason we recommend signing up for any of the VPNs listed below on a monthly basis. That way you can make a change if necessary. Signing up for a year of VPN could leave you without access to Netflix at any time if the VPN gets blocked in the future.

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VPNs that wok with Netflix as of February 13, 2017

ProvidersServer LocationsPriceVisit
StrongVPNNew York City
Los Angeles
$4.37Visit Site
Los Angeles
$5.75Visit Site
BufferedUS East Coast
US West Coast
$8.25Visit Site
Los Angeles
$4.75Visit Site

Option #1 – StrongVPN (VPN + StrongDNS from $4.37 a month)

We were able to connect to multiple locations including VPN servers on both coasts. We successfully accessed the Netflix site and streamed videos while connected to StrongVPN servers in New York City and Los Angeles.

As a StrongPN member you have more than one way to access Netflix. If you want the privacy protection of a VPN then you can use their custom app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

If you want to watch Netflix without the speed loss of encryption then we suggest using StrongDNS. The StrongVPN team recently added free StrongDNS (SmartDNS) service for all members. You can use it to unblock Netflix and other popular channels in other regions.

Option #2 – NordVPN (VPN + Smart Play from $5.75 a month)

NordVPN works a bit different from other services that offer both VPN and SmartDNS. Instead of deciding whether or not you to use VPN client or manually configure your DNS the NordVPN service takes care of it for you.

As a member of NordVPN you will want to download their custom client. Once launched you can select any server location. Doing so will help you access content in that region. You can change server locations to switch regions for channels like Zattoo which supports several regions.

To unblock Netflix with NordVPN we launched their Windows app and connected to the United States #321 server which was located on the west coast. We also connected to another VPN server near Chicago. Both worked but were quite a bit slower so buffering was an issue at times.

Option #3 – Buffered (VPN in 37 countries from $8.25 a month)

Buffered is the only one of our recommendations that doesn’t include SmartDNS. Fortunately they don’t need to. So far they have been able to fly under the Netflix Radar. We were able to connect to their VPN network and stream content without delays.

We connected to US East Coast and US West Coast server locations to test Buffered with Netflix. Neither one was blocked and we didn’t have any other issues. The speed was quite good so we were able to stream HD content.

We test several popular VPN services on a regular basis to see which ones work with Netflix. The list of working VPNs is short right now but we’ll keep you up with the latest changes. Fortunately all the providers represented on this page offer quality VPN so you will have good privacy protection without losing access to Netflix. Enjoy watching Netflix through a VPN and share our post with your friends so they can as well. If you know other VPNs that work with Netflix please let us know @VPNSP so we can add them to our list.

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