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Monthly VPN Deals:
1. IPVanish - $10.00
- Save
$2 off first 3 mos.
2. Hide My Ass - $11.52
3. OverPlay - $9.95

Annual VPN Specials:
1. IPVanish - $77

- Save $15 off first 3 yrs.
2. Hide My Ass - $78
3. OverPlay - $99

Quarterly VPN Specials:
1. IPVanish - $26
- Save $5 off first 3 qtrs.
2. OverPlay - $27
3. PureVPN - $24

1. Hide My Ass - 30 days
2. IPVanish - 7 days
3. Private Internet - 7 days
4. PureVPN - 3 days
5. OverPlay - 2 days

1. IPVanish - 45.11 Mbps
2. VPN4ALL - 39.14
3. ExpressVPN - 38.45

Top 10 VPN Services

Take a look at our top 10 VPN services. We'll share the criteria for our selection process along with some tips for comparing the providers. For more options you can view our "big list" of over 300 VPN companies.

Top 10 VPN Services
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Here are some of the key areas we focus on when reviewing services:

Trust - with so many companies launching each month, there are some that are trustworthy and others that aren't. We test before recommending any company. Even then we wait until a company has been in business for at least a year before considering them for our top 10 list. There is no way to be 100% certain but we consider trust to be the top prtiority.

Value - as long as you can trust a company and they provide quality service the next factor to compare is price. We are fortunate to have a lot of guests trust our site. In turn we are able to ask for the lowest possible pricing from leading VPN services. You'll find discounts throughout the site. Feel free to use the special offers and share them with friends.

Performance - speed and reliability are important factors in choosing a VPN provider. You can expect encryption to slow down your connection but the performance can vary quite a bit between companies. We test every server location for the top 10 services listed above. Visit any of their reviews and you'll find a link to the full list of speed test results.

Ease of Use - it's important to have a fast, reliable network but that doesn't go far if the service is complicated to setup and use. All of the services listed above include free VPN client software. Making them much easier to use than some of the alternatives. Manually configuring a VPN connection isn't fun. Especially for OpenVPN connections.

Server Locations - size matters when it comes to VPN networks. For example if you want to access content in the United States (Netflix, Hulu, Pandora) or the United Kingdom (BBC) then you'll need a provider with servers in those locations. Those who travel a lot will want a company with server locations around the world for the best performance.

Encryption / Protocols - most VPN clients support OpenVPN connections. Providing a high level of encryption. While mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android use PPTP or L2TP. There are a few companies that offer SSTP which is a Windows-only protocol. We recommend OpenVPN when possible and L2TP for mobile devices.

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